SSG-VC-138 Aubrey´s Scissor and Smother Fun


SSG-VC-138 Aubrey´s Scissor and Smother Fun  Chadam gets a serious dose of scissoring and facesits from the mean and brutal Aubrey. She is small, but she has legs of steel, and once locked between her thighs, there is no escaping. One must endure the pain and punishment this athletic petite fighter dishes out. Chadam finds himself trapped in multiple headscissors, including her infamous figure fours, straight legged scissors and reverse. Aubrey not likes, no LOVES to punish chadam and the smile on her face proves that. For even more humiliation, she adds in some forward and reverse face punishing smothering as well. She easily makes chadam’s face go from red, to dark purple in her scissors, and makes him gasp with her facesits.  She easily takes him down using a football style tackle, and gets him to tap just in her side control headlock alone. This just goes to show the superior strength this girl has. We think she has a hidden agenda when it comes to taking on chadam, as she is relentless and fear sets in a few times with him. Aubrey teases and taunts him in her scissors, as he never quite knows when she is going to squeeze him. But once she does, you can hear the pitch of his voice change as she restricts his airflow. When she puts on her reverse smothering figure four, we actually think she put him out for a few seconds, and she just continues to squeeze, not showing any signs of even caring. Aubrey mounts his face in a reverse smother, and leans back creating more pressure on his face, knowing he could not escape nor breathe. Now she just waited for him to tap, ignored them completely, and finally he goes out under her. Aubrey spins around  in a forward schoolgirl pin, looks down at him and says ” who’s the winner, AUBREY!!, sleep tight baby”. Then she flips him off and says fuck him, flexing her chiseled biceps.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-138 Aubrey´s Scissor and Smother Fun


SSG-VC-138 Aubrey s Scissor and Smother Fun.