SSG-VC-212 Locked and Loaded

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SSG-VC-212 Locked and Loaded  Chadam thought he could get the best of Bella today as he was ready to defeat her. The match quickly starts off and chadam does get the upper hand, doing the best he could to pin Bella. But Bella defended against him and manages to toss him off her and she pounces right away. Now that she secures chadam with an armbar scissor, she works her way on top into reverse. Bella then wraps her tight muscular legs around his head and uses a seated figure four smother. His face was already flush and beat red, as she positions herself into an extremely tight reverse figure four. Chadam struggles to break free, but the more he struggled the harder the squeeze became. He winces in pain as Bella then extends her legs into a reverse straight leg scissor. Bella the rolls onto her back getting another figure four on, and using various armbars to keep chadam from escaping. She then simply straightens her legs and her quads flexed as she literally crushes his head between her thighs. Bella releases him and shoves his face to the mats. Putting one leg under his neck, and holding his arm behind him, he finds himself tapping furiously and yelping in pain from the scissor and armbar combo. Bella falls to her side keeping the scissor and armbar clamped on tight, chadam finding himself in a very bad position to be in. After a few more taps Bella jumps back on him in reverse, jamming on a smothering figure four. Her ass cheeks bury his face completely as she grabs her ankles and applies more pressure. This had chadam almost in panic mode wanting out, grabbing at her ass cheeks hard trying to pry them apart for air.  No amount of fighting is working for him to escape, as Bella then sits up and finishes the match with a humiliating reverse facesit, chadam throwing in the towel. Beaten and exhausted Bella climbs off with a big smile on her face, knowing she just wrecked chadam badly, with ease.


SSG-VC-212 Locked and Loaded.

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