SSG-VC-292 Aubreys Scissor Toy

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-292 Aubreys Scissor Toy

SSG-VC-292 Aubreys Scissor Toy- Chris seems to be a sucker for punishment. After his much deserved win over Aubrey in CMX-CRR-21, she was not going to let that go easily, ever.  Aubrey uses seated scissors, and forward straight leg ones, and trash talks Chris while doing it. Each scissor Aubrey applies, she hammers it on, squeezing Chris’s face between her powerful thighs making his whole face turn red.

Aubrey also uses her signature scissors, the reverse figure four smother a few times on Chris really making him squirm and fight for air at the same time. In one of her reverse figure four scissors, Chris’s face is buried deep in Aubrey’s ass as she applies serious pressure causing him to tap quick. Aubrey has Chris subdued and there is no where for him to go, nor escape. Aubrey continues her dominant scissors and Chris really making sure to weaken and destroy him. At the end Chris is pinned flat on his back, as Aubrey climbs onto his face, ignoring his mere taps and just waits for him to go out. Then Aubrey looks up and says sarcastically ” oops, sorry”, then flexes while still practically sitting on Chris’s face.