SSG-VC-215 Aubreys Hurt Locker


1x1-pixel SSG-VC-215 Aubreys Hurt Locker


SSG-VC-215 Aubreys Hurt Locker  Aubrey is a vicious little woman. The more pain she inflicts the happier and more sadistic she becomes. She has no remorse for chadam as she locks on numerous head scissors crushing his head between her muscular thighs over and over. Her mouth is just as powerful as her scissors, as she belittles and makes fun of chadam. Watch Aubrey tear him apart with so many scissors it leaves chadam dizzy on the mats. she can’t get enough of squeezing his pathetic neck as she makes him wince in pain, over and over. Aubrey even secures an extremely tight rear naked choke that made his face literally go purple, all the while standing behind him having fun doing it. Aubrey uses her signature reverse smothering figure four as well that had chadam on the brink of panic. Aubrey is always a treat to watch, especially if you like sadistic 19 yr olds.


SSG-VC-215 Aubreys Hurt Locker.