SSG-VC-304 Tight Thighs and Foot Surprise

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SSG-VC-304 Tight Thighs and Foot Surprise- Bella decided to change things up today to make things more interesting, for her. She is a small little sadistic chick who loves to humiliate at any chance she can.  Her thighs are insanely strong, and once you are trapped, you either tap out, or go out, it’s that simple. She loves locking her rock hard thighs around chadam’s neck and watching his face turn beat red.

Bella had a little surprise for him, between her head scissoring she rams her feet into his mouth and makes him lick her soles. Bella truly enjoyed that and kept squeezing him in a multitude of head scissors and foot worship. Chadam was absolutely humiliated in this clip by his smaller stronger female opponent, suffering at the hands and feet of this dominatrix.