SSG-VC-127 Aubreys Dangerous Scissors

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-127 Aubreys Dangerous Scissors


SSG-VC-127 Aubreys Dangerous Scissors  Aubrey is Arianne’s younger sister. She is actually quite fit and strong, not to mention she absolutely loves inflicting pain. Knowing she gets to hammer on her scissors in this clip full tilt she is quite excited. She uses 6 different holds, and has 2 min to inflict as much pain as possible. Her legs are perfectly shaped and built for scissoring, as she can lock them directly around the neck and with minimal squeezing the pressure is intense. Aubrey even does a scissor on Chadam that was actually cut short, the camera girl seen just how much pain he was actually in and for his safety she called it. Aubrey even locks on a stellar rear naked choke, having sheer joy run through her body with each tap he gives. She puts him in a seated scissor this way she can stare down at him as she slowly squeezes watching his face go nice and red. This girl is not just a young, cute girl next door. Aubrey works out, she runs, does yoga, and has superior core strength. This clip shows that chadam is actually terrified of Aubrey, not knowing just how far she will take things in order to make him suffer. Each scissor was performed with precision, and each squeeze gained multiple neck crushing taps. Aubrey is a force to be reckoned with.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-127 Aubreys Dangerous Scissors


SSG-VC-127 Aubreys Dangerous Scissors.

One Comment
  1. Gilbert says:

    AUBREY is a fantastic girl i love her she’s cute girly strong rough dominant. i’m calling her HYPER GIRL.
    gilbert from france

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