SSG-SPC-001 Seductively Sadistic Scissors


SSG-SPC-001 Seductively Sadistic Scissors   Here is a small sexy teaser scissor video brought to you by the seductively sexy Maxxi. She is dressed in a scorching hot one piece thong outfit, along with knee high socks. This is a stunning look to her sadistic performance here. Maxxi is very easy on the eyes, with her tanned sultry body, long flowing blonde hair, chiseled physique, and sculpted legs. But once she locks those muscular beasts around your neck it’s pretty much game over. Chadam finds himself at the center of this scissor tornado, while Maxxi locks on her first forward scissor turning his head upwards ever so slightly just to get his throat in there for good measure. She snaps her thighs together with such force, he immediately taps from the pressure. She enjoys watching his face turn red and him wincing in pain. It’s a sexual thrill for Maxxi to have him between her thighs, under her complete squeeze control. When she uses her reverse head scissor, his head is engulfed in her thighs, as she slowly squeezes the breath from him. Folding one leg ehind his head she cranks on a tight figure four, this one has him on the verge of actually going out it was so tight. She pulls his face in deeper, squeezing even harder, his eyes nearly bulging out of his head. She reverts back to a forward scissor, and uses hand over mouth to intensify the smothering. His face turning all shades of deep red as she squeezes and blocks his airways. Maxxi switches to another reverse, but makes him massage her ass while she scissors him. She verbally abuses him, and slaps him telling him to massage her ass not grab it, being a pervert he gets punished for it. For her sadistic finale, she stands up and uses a standing scissor, she looks relaxed while making him panic and tap out. Maxxi finishes him off by tossing his sorry ass to the mats, sitting full weight on his chest posing in absolute victory flexing her biceps. You don’t want to miss this cruel playboy mistress inflicting non stop scissor punishment.

1x1-pixel SSG-SPC-001 Seductively Sadistic Scissors


SSG-SPC-001 Seductively Sadistic Scissors.