About Us

We are a small Canadian based photography/videography company that specializes in showcasing female power. We take great pride in showing the female superiority which has gone highly unrecognized for many years, until of lately. Woman have been more accepted into such sports as wrestling, MMA, etc. Those are 2 main sports that have been mostly dominated by men.

Not anymore. We shoot video and photosets of females in power, taking control. Naturally, woman’s legs are stronger than men. This is our main focus. We strive on highlighting this through scissors. We have been in this business for many years, and have seen woman from all walks of life come and go. You can see example clips of this hold/tactic being used on the street, and also in the MMA cage. It is not a “usual” hold, but implemented in real life is very effective as outlined in the preview video(s). We shoot a multitude of clips featuring various head and body scissors, some staged clips, some clips where the girls want to try it out safely in a competitive atmosphere.

Training is provided, and guidance is always given every step of the way. An empowered woman continously evolves,learning and growing all the time. She doesn’t let failures define her but uses them to grow and strive. She is always open for challenges, she doesn’t get disheartened over minor setbacks.https://www.sexysqueezegirls.com/?page_id=28

Come check us out. We have a fully equipped in house studio, professional lighting, full professional mats. What have you got to lose? CONTACT US