SSG-VC-052 Lethal Couch Squeeze


joinnow SSG-VC-052 Lethal Couch Squeeze
SSG-VC-052 Lethal Couch Squeeze Bella is dressed super sexy in this clip with her tall black leather boots, and mini skirt. She is set to punish chadam using her scissor abilities. She wastes no time locking her rock hard thighs around his head applying all the pressure she can. Chadam’s face turns as red as her lipstick, as she moves from one scissor to the next. She has creative ways to scissor him, and even traps him in a handstand reverse smothering scissor, that she converts to a figure four. Chadam is going to regret doing this clip as his neck was aching only a few minutes into the match. When Bella was done literally toying with him, it was lights out for him. All too easy for the sadistic feisty Bella.




SSG-VC-052 member clip.