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With this membership you can: Stream or Download all our MEMBERS CLIPS, you can find in each video on our main page

Video formats
MP4 h.264 (For members), MP4 hd for full videos.

What is a PHOTOS SET?
As a member you can also download our zip photo sets featuring alot of the matches on the main page. Some photoset pictures are larger than others, depending on the year photos were taken. All pictures are still hi resolution, as a member we will NEVER include screen shots as part of a membership plan. We Want you to enjoy the hi res version. SAMPLE HERE

How i can buy a membership?
Go to the respective links and simply choose your plan.

Members : https://www.sexysqueezegirls.com/join-now/

How i can use my membership?
After you have completed the transaction you will receive via email your username and password, with this you can go to https://www.sexysqueezegirls.com members and simply login. User names and paswords are not to be shared, transferred etc. Anyone caught password/ user name trading will be banned from ever purchasing from Sexy Squeeze Girls  We use IP Tracking.

What is recurring and non recurring?
Sexy Squeeze Girls  is strictly a downloadable media site. Due to this form of business, we do not accept chargebacks, we are willing to help you in any way with any issues you may have with the site, downloads, etc. Please be attentive to your purchases.

Recurring: payment every month, if you dont cancel your membership (afiliate plan)

Non recurring : Single payment

How i cancel my membership ?
Go to : http://support.zombaio.com/

Full videos are available for download only, you do not have to be a member to buy them. Within the members section, you will find clips from all the listed videos to watch. These clips are 5:00 minutes of each full video.. You can always choose to purchase the whole video.

For feedback, custom videos, inquiries, feel free and contact us. Please note not all girls in videos are available for customs. contact us.