SSG-VC-154 Sarah The Skull Crusher

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-154 Sarah The Skull Crusher

SSG-VC-154 Sarah The Skull Crusher  Sarah prepares to really take her scissoring to a whole new level on Arianne as her test dummy. As the camera fades in Sarah already has Arianne locked in tight with a reverse figure four. Arianne is already rapidly tapping from the pressure as Sarah is ruthless with her squeezing. Sarah even verbally taunts and humiliates Arianne ,looking back seeing her face jammed in her ass cheeks. Sarah Moves into her second hold, she sat behind Arianne and wraps her legs around her neck, extending her legs straight out constricting her leg muscles with each squeeze. At one point in this scissor, Arianne  was frantically tapping and coughing from the scissor. Looked as though a few times she was going to go out, as Sarah continually adds pressure to each squeeze.

Sarah now has Arianne on her stomach, while her thighs are gripping tightly around Arianne’s neck and throat. Sarah is in full beast mode, literally trying to take off Arianne’s head, calling her legs the skull crushers. Perfect name as Arianne was literally begging her to stop, Sarah making her look at her while she squeezes, taunting and utterly humiliating her. Sarah’s next scissor was a standing one. Since Arianne was face down, Sarah made sure to squeeze extra hard so she could hear her reactions. then when that scissor is over and it fades into her next one, we are truly amazed on how creative this one was. Sarah was literally hanging onto the window sill above her with one arm, and Arianne all twisted up in her figure four headscissor. Arianne was getting annihilated by Sarah’s peak muscular thighs, her calf muscle digging in ever so tightly blocking Arianne’s breathing. She continues on with that scissor,  then turns in reverse and is now hanging with both arms from the sill. Sarah snakes her legs around Arianne’s head again and uses her infamously tight figure four. To perform this scissor, you had to be quite strong to hold yourself up, all the while squeezing the life out of Arianne as well. the camera fades out and back in this time with a knotted figure four that Sarah has already put on. Judging by Arianne’s flushed red face, she was quite finished, but Sarah wasn’t. Sarah uses a trach scissor and when Arianne begins to whine out loud in pain, Sarah simply squeezed harder and put her hand over Arianne’s mouth and nose smothering her. With another knotted figure four, it was so tight Arianne was drifting in and out of consciousness. Sarah kept switching from knotted to trach scissors, until she finally decided to end it once and for all for poor Arianne. She tensed up hard in the trach scissor, making Arianne legit panic, tapping everywhere until she finally simmered off into dreamland. Sarah had done what she came to do, Crush Arianne’s skull.


SSG-VC-154 Sarah The Skull Crusher.

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