SSG-VC-193 Aubreys Array of Headcissors

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-193 Aubreys Array of Headcissors

SSG-VC-193 Aubreys Array of Headcissors  Here is one of Aubrey’s very first videos that she did with her sister Arianne. Aubrey wanted to test her scissor skills so she uses 6 different head scissor holds to dominate and inflict pain on her sister. Little did Arianne know just how strong Aubrey really was, until now. Aubrey used a standing scissor and literally just used her inner thighs to squeeze, causing a great deal of pain. she also used a reverse headscissor that had Arianne’s head locked in tight, and with each squeeze brought her face nearly into Aubrey’s ass, as Arianne tries to pry her ass cheeks apart to loosen the scissor. Aubrey used a few figure fours that were all perfectly applied causing Arianne’s face to go red, and for her to moan and shriek in agony. I guess from this point Arianne knew that her younger sister was going to be quite a force to reckon with, and little did she know she would be as tough as she is today.


SSG-VC-193 Aubreys Array of Scissors.