SSG-VC-225 The Crazy Cheerleader

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-225 The Crazy Cheerleader



SSG-VC-225 The Crazy Cheerleader  Sarah Brooke and Arianne have had a few spats in the past, and now they are toe to toe in a headscissors match. Arianne is dressed in her country girl attire, and Sarah the cheerleader. Both are very experienced with scissors, and both certainly want to win. Arianne immediately grabs Sarah by the back of her shoving it between her thighs in a standing scissor, and not even 10 seconds into the match the trash talk begins. Arianne flexes her muscles jolting Sarah’s head with each squeeze as she moans out in pain. Arianne falls to her side, continuing her onslaught of scissoring Sarah. Sarah’s face cringes with pain knowing that Arianne has the upper hand right now. Rolling Sarah to her back, Arianne locks on a seated scissor, and even uses a hand over mouth double whammy as Arianne calls it. Falling to her side again keeping Sarah locked in, Arianne calls Sarah a pussy and squeezes her nearly non stop. With her head trapped Sarah knew she had to break free. Able to get out, Sarah is ready to turn the tables now as she lays on her back, Arianne on her stomach. Sarah grabs Arianne pig tails and uses that as leverage to pull her hair while scissoring her. Feeling Sarah’s intense leg strength, Arianne reaches up and tries to escape by grabbing Sarah’s tits. That failed to work, and just further angered Sarah tightening the grip to almost full power nearly putting out Arianne. Sarah uses a side scissor, then rolls into a seated scissor with an hand over mouth combo bouncing up and down on Arianne. Sarah then flips around in reverse and gets on a very tight and effective figure four smothering scissor, burying Arianne’s face in her ass. Sarah now has complete control over Arianne and is ready to make her, her bitch. Sarah even gyrates and rubs her ass in Arianne’s face all the while scissoring her. Arianne flails around unable to escape Sarah’s insane grip.  Sarah uses the figure four to really break Arianne down, as her face was more than red and flush.  Figuring that Arianne has had enough she switches to a straight leg scissor, and applies maximum force. Unable to take the pain nor escape Arianne stays in the scissor for as long as she can until she actually goes out. Sarah releases her and sits beside her now out opponent flexing.


SSG-VC-225 The Crazy Cheerleader.