SSG-VC-146 Competitive Squeeze Challenge


SSG-VC-146 Competitive Squeeze Challenge  This match pits two girls with very strong legs, Mariella and Arianne. Both are well versed and skilled when it comes to applying headscissors.  This was an intense back and fourth battle seeing who would reign supreme in the headscissor genre. The strategic moves by both girls are very calculated and once they locked on their preferred scissor it was game over for the other. It was truly a back and fourth battle, each fending off the other’s scissor attacks. There was lots of straight leg, figure fours, and even a double scissor battle that took place. Mariella also utilized a rear naked choke bodyscissor combo that had Arianne in big trouble. After trapping Arianne, she tapped rather quickly as the hold was just too intense for her. But Arianne strikes back, using her straight leg reverse headscissor. Mariella topped off her moves with a rib crushing body scissor. The pain Arianne was in from that showed all over her face as she cringed when Mariella squeezed making Arianne submit to that. With this being a quick paced back and fourth battle to the finish, better watch closely and count who got the most taps overall.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-146 Competitive Squeeze Challenge


SSG-146 Competitive Squeeze Challenge.

  1. stormy says:

    Do like the sight much, but is it me, why did u stop putting a description of the video in this section. Was on most videos then recently stopped? It gave context to video what to expect and who’s in it!