SSG-VC-121 The Squeeze Exchange


SSG-VC-121 The Squeeze Exchange  Ariel takes on the tough Bella with both dressed in their beautiful tight bikini’s. Ariel has nice thick thighs, perfect for squeezing, and Bella’s thighs are just as powerful. Both girls fall victim to one another’s scissor holds, each girl trapped. Ariel somewhat outshines Bella with her abilities having caught Bella quite a few times in a diverse amount of headscissors. Bella is no stranger to punishment, and she makes Ariel work for each tap. Once Bella got the chance to lock on her scissors, Ariel felt that underlying strength of Bella’s thigh muscles. With Ariel and Bella both gaining superb scissor tap outs, this match was possibly a close one, but that is for you to decide, watch and count the taps, to see who really came out on top.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-121 The Squeeze Exchange


SSG-VC-121 The Squeeze Exchange.