SSG-VC-109 Baseball Allstar Squeeze


SSG-VC-109 Baseball Allstar Squeeze   Sam faces off against Arianne in a scissor fest of squeezes. Arianne is quite strong with her headscissors and is ready to dish out punishment to Sam to see just what she can handle. Once Arianne locks her thighs around Sams head she is almost instantly tapping out furiously in pain as Arianne applies immense pressure around Sam’s neck. When Arianne stands up and rams Sam’s head between her legs in a standing Scissor, Sam almost burst out crying from the pain. Arianne contorted her legs in other scissors as well making life really difficult for sam the entire clip. With each scissor increment she performed, Sam was dreading it. An excellent showcase of raw scissor power here featuring the sexy Arianne. Did we mention she was also dressed in her baseball uniform? Sexy indeed.

photoset SSG-VC-109 Baseball Allstar Squeeze


SSG-VC-109 Baseball Allstar Squeeze.