SSG-VC-168 Lanas Scissor Punishment

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-168 Lanas Scissor Punishment

SSG-VC-168 Lanas Scissor Punishment  Lana decided she wanted to see just exactly what Arianne was capable of in terms of headscissors. She was confident that she could handle anything that Arianne could dish out. Little did Lana know just how strong Arianne’s thighs and quads were. once she wrapped them around Lana’s head in her famous reverse straight leg, Lana was tapping repeatedly from such intense pain. She had to endure this for 2 minutes before Arianne switched to sitting behind her now, applying another straight leg scissor. Lana is already seeing stars as Arianne taunts and teases with her squeezes, Lana not quite knowing when she will squeeze. Feeling quite drained after only two scissors, Arianne moves onto a knotted figure four. With no where to go, and loads of soft painful moans, Lana actually goes out. Arianne laughs hysterically, then Lana comes to, confused and dazed. Arianne continues to apply pressure punishing Lana even further. All of a sudden Lana goes out yet again. When she comes to Arianne wanted to keep going, but we need to make sure Lana was ok. Arianne then moved into a very interesting scissor, a she was standing and Lana was trapped with her head literally backwards. Just the position of this scissor alone is grueling and painful, but when Arianne added pressure to it, it became much worse. Lana could hardly take the pain as Arianne proudly has her trapped in her spandex covered thighs. Hearing her moan and in agony was music to Arianne’s ears. for Arianne’s final scissor, both girls were laying on their stomach’s with Lana’s face pressed into Arainne’s ass, in a tight smothering figure four. Lana was tapping over and over, and all you can hear were her cries of pain, muffled in Arianne’s ass.   Poor Lana had to endure such painful and tough scissors delivered by yours truly, Arianne. Hopefully Lana will be looking for much wanted revenge for putting her through all of this.


SSG-VC-168 Lanas Scissor Punishment.