SSG-VC-156 Black Scissor Goddess

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-156 Black Scissor Goddess

SSG-VC-156 Black Scissor Goddess Velvet the Black Scissor Goddess allows Sam to have the privilege of being trapped between her dark sultry thighs. Sam was not prepared again to succumb to her black dominatrix’s scissor holds. She had no choice in the matter. Velvet has beautiful thick black thighs and she wraps them around Sam’s head in numerous headscissors. All from straight leg, to figure fours and painfully excruciating  standing scissors. We thought Sam was going to bust out in tears when velvet cranks the pressure on. Velvet is always a pleasure to watch as this ebony goddess uses her white slave to squeeze. Sam panics multiple times, as Velvet shows her no mercy. Sam’s face says it all about how mean and cruel Velvet can really be.


SSG-VC-156 Black Scissor Goddess.

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