SSG-XMAS-004 Santas Sexy Helpers

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1x1-pixel SSG-XMAS-004 Santas Sexy Helpers

Arianne and Eve are in the xmas spirit and have it out in this holiday scissor match. Arianne has her cute sexy outfit on consisting of red and white knee high candy cane socks, bootie shorts, bra and santa hat. Eve has on her xmas spandex pants and leather top. Eve had zero chance right from the beginning of the match as Arianne easily traps her in headscissors. Her first scissor that gets clamped on is her infamous reverse straight leg. She trash talks Eve while squeezing her as Eve quickly taps from the pain and pressure. Arianne makes Eve suffer in her reverse straight leg before turning to her side and using a figure four. Eve struggls and squirms trying to get out, but nothing seems to work. Arianne even went as far as taking Eve’s santa hat, and tries to make Eve eat it and choke on it. Eve gets put through a vast array of Arianne’s scissors, from straight leg, to trach scissors, knotted figure four and many more. Eve is out skilled and out powered in this clip. Arianne also punishes Eve with forward straight leg, and even pulls her face into her crotch to add smothering to the mix. Eve’s neck took a literal bashing being squeezed between Arianne’s massively powerful thighs. With a finishing reverse straight leg scissor, Eve was done, and left coughing on the mats. Arianne’s cockiness paid off in this clip, showing Eve she is the superior scissor queen.


SSG-XMAS-004 Santas Little Helpers.