SSG-VC-117 – Gia’s Suffering Scissors


SSG-VC-117 – Gia’s Suffering Scissors  Gia takes on Arianne in this all out scissor clip. Arianne puts Gia through a series of tough, and painful scissorholds. Arianne starts out in a reverse handstand style scissor, showing that not only are her legs strong, but her upper body as well. Gia has not been scissored like this before and you can tell that she was hurting from it. Gia is a powerful amazon, but when Arianne locks those rock hard thighs around her neck, she turns to putty, wincing and moaning out in pain. Gia almost collapsed a few times in Arianne’s hand stand scissor, then she moves on to knotted figure fours, and forward and reverse straight leg scissors. We are pretty sure that after this barrage of headscissors, Gia will rethink twice about wanting to be scissored by  a smaller girl. Arianne’s legs are the perfect size to really dig in around the neck and cause maximum pain while she squeezes.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-117 - Gia's Suffering Scissors


photoset SSG-VC-117 - Gia's Suffering Scissors
SSG-VC-117 Gias Suffering Scissors.