SSG-VC-126 Blonde Scissor Goddess


SSG-VC-126 Blonde Scissor Goddess  Here is a throwback clip from the earlier days. This clip has Jasmine taking on Mia. The clip has been edited to show the scissoring, and chokes, and also a few facesits in it. Jasmine never took it easy on Mia and it always showed when they got together to do matches. Jasmine took delight in punishing Mia any way she could, and here she uses scissors, chokes and smothering. Mia is far from weak, and certainly made Jasmine work to get submissions, but in the end, Mia was taught a lesson. Jasmine cheats, and throws in a few facesits, sits on Mia’s throat and mouth in  a seated scissor plugs her nose and sits on her mouth. Jasmine tosses Mia around as she tried to escape, using body scissors to slow Mia down. They were all over the mats, but no matter what Mia did, Jasmine took control of the situation, making Mia pay. Eventually Mia was exhausted, and Jasmine clearly overpowered her. At the end Jasmine punishes Mia with a facesit that has Mia plain out giving up now. Left beaten and tattered on the mats, the blonde goddess wins again!!.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-126 Blonde Scissor Goddess


SSG-VC-126 Blonde Scissor Goddess.

  1. shinylilshorts says:

    Glad to hear! Shiny shorts, shiny pants, shiny one piece, and last but not least, shiny rompers from Amazon/ebay or Wicked Temptations( the best but more expensive )… I’ve been a fan of CPL Wrestling videos for years and years, and can’t wait for upcoming videos! Love you guys!

  2. shinylilshorts says:

    I remember when CPL Wrestling girls would always wear shiny metallic spandex to facesit each other. I was buying downloads left and right…Yum

  3. shinylilshorts says:

    I miss the times CPL Wrestling girls would wear shiny metallic spandex to smother each other all the time. I was buying videos left and right… Yum