SSG_VC-098 – Jeans Scissors K.O.


Janelle is a fairly new girl and she wants to go against Mia. This was an amazingly sexy scissor fight. Janelle stands 5’9 and weighs a solid 145lbs. She has thick muscular thighs that literally bulge through her tight jeans. Mia became a victim of Janelle’s figure four headscissor, in which there was no escaping from. Janelle locked Mia up and squeezed. Mia was trapped face first in Janelle’s tight ass, while her head was being squeezed off. Janelle cranked up the scissorhold, rocking a bit for tighter grip and leverage, and listening to Mia moan, you could tell she was seeing stars. With no way out of this, spending the match trapped, Janelle kept squeezing and pouring on the pressure, until finally Mia say stars for the last time, as she went to sleep. You could even see the drool from Mia on Janelle’s pants. This newbie is going to earn her stripes here fast.