SSG-VC-160 Arianne Brings The Pain

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SSG-VC-160 Arianne Brings The Pain   Arianne was challenged by new girl Zoe to test her ability to handle headscissors. Arianne happily agrees and wants to show the new girl what being head scissored is all about. Arianne’s first scissor has them both laying on their stomach, with Zoe’s face near buried in Arianne’s ass. Once Arianne begins to squeeze, Zoe may have had second thoughts about this as she repeatedly taps from the pressure and pain. Zoe then gets placed in Arianne’s reverse straight leg, her most powerful scissor. She barely started squeezing before Zoe tapped. Now Zoe knows that she has to endure 2 minutes of this scissor. There is much regret on Zoe’s behalf thinking she could easily take the pain. She now know she was dead wrong. As Arianne uses other scissors to inflict pain, This match seemed to be a lifetime for Zoe, as she is trapped over and over. Arianne finishes off Zoe with a standing headscissor as she uses her hair as leverage to pull her head up tighter in her thighs.Zoe told us a few days after, that her neck was stiff and still sore.


SSG-VC-160 Arianne Brings The Pain.