SSG-VC-169 The Return Of Pam

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-169 The Return Of Pam

SSG-VC-169 The Return Of Pam  Well after a year or so of being gone, Pam returns to the mats to assert her dominance once again. She has not lost much of her technique, and is out to show chadam just how much she enjoys punishing him. Pam utilizes a variety of headscissors such as straight leg, knotted, and more. Her immensely thick powerful thighs constantly wrap around his neck as his face is buried in them. He can’t pry her thighs apart, and id made to endure the pain and pressure that she inflicts. Pam easily shows us why she belongs on our mats, destroying and toying with all of her opponents.


SSG-VC-169 The Return Of Pam.

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