SSG-VC-105 Cynara’s Scissor Bitch


SSG-VC-105 Cynara’s Scissor Bitch  Cynara is a ruthless wrestler and rarely shows anyone mercy. Chadam takes the brunt end of it all in this scissor episode. Cynara is an amazon with thighs made of steel, once she traps him in her vice like grip there is no escape. Each time she locks on her scissor, Chadam winces in dire pain as he struggles mercilessly to escape. He can’t pry her legs apart as they are just too strong for him. By the end, he was glad it was over and he submits laying exhausted as Cynara poses on top of him. she certainly shows her Amazon superiority here.



SSG-VC-105 Cynaras Scissor Bitch.

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  1. workforit20 says:

    Cynara’s thighs gripped Chadam’s head like a python constricting it’s prey! Try all you want but Chadam had his head in a dangerous place.