SSG-VC-181 The Crimson Crusher

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-181 The Crimson Crusher

SSG-VC-181 The Crimson Crusher  Arianne has long lethal legs chiseled to near perfection. she is dressed in black heels and a red bodysuit and she looks amazingly sexy in it. She is bent on destroying chadam using her powerful thighs to take his breath away, and to try and render him practically unconscious. She starts off right away by climbing over top of him backwards and draping her legs around his neck.

Her legs quickly seal off his air and she tightens the squeeze and he is made to tap numerous times. Arianne takes great pride in her scissors as she transitions from one to the next with ease, verbally trashing chadam as well as scissoring him. The heels accentuate her toned calf muscles as she applies her infamous reverse straight leg scissor, snapping the scissor on with chadams face buried in her butt as she her cheeks, and thighs engulf his head. she does not stop there, she aplies figure fours, various other straight leg scissors, knotted, and trach scissors. With each squeeze being more terrifying than the next, her cruelty shines on. Arianne’s scissors are truly amazing, tight and applied with perfect form. If you are looking for a woman who knows how to scissor, enjoys tormenting her victims with her thighs, then look no further, Arianne is your woman.


SSG-VC-181 The Crimson Crusher.

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