SSG-VC-219 Squeezed and Silenced

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-219 Squeezed and Silenced

SSG-VC-219 Squeezed and Silenced  We witness Bella being very cruel and unforgiving in this clip. Dressed in her skin tight jeans, and thick glasses, you would think she is nothing more than a book worm. But chadam was about to face the unexpected. Bella’s scissors are extremely powerful as she wraps her thighs around his head and literally drains the air from his wind pipes. The more she squeezed, and the tighter she made it, the more satisfied she became. Chadam may want to watch what he says to her, as she locks him in a forward headscissor, then she rams her fingers down his throat, while squeezing his neck. Chadam constantly gagged as she literally laughs at the situation. Bella also locks on a smothering reverse figure four, that buries his face deep within her ass cheeks. Her forward figure fours were insanely tight as chadam’s eye lit up with sheer horror, while Bella smiles throughout. for her ultimate finale, Bella was going to make sure he would remember this the next encounter they have. She sits on his chest and shoves her feet down his throat, making him suck on her feet. She verbally bashes him while she does this. Then when she finished with that, she uses her fingers one last time putting them in his mouth as he nearly gets sick, coughing like crazy. What a mean sadistic girl Bella is. Perfect for this humiliating clip.


SSG-VC-219 Squeezed and Silenced.

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