SSG-VC-209 Lets See You Turn Red


1x1-pixel SSG-VC-209 Lets See You Turn Red

SSG-VC-209 Lets See You Turn Red  Watch Aubrey tear apart Chris in this short but painstaking video. Chris gets hammered with some pretty intense scissors by yours truly the Evil little Aubrey. Her thighs are rock hard, and clamped around Chris’s neck he has no chance of escape. Now Aubrey loves to inflict pain and dominates using a multitude of scissors from straight leg, to reverse to figure fours. She manages to trap Chris in many and has the chance to watch him turn red in every single headscissor. Aubrey is unforgiving and dominates the entire clip, punishing Chris over and over listening to him whine and whimper. Aubrey’s specialty is humiliating her opponents and Chris was no exception here. Her massively shaped thighs are spectacular and look especially good around his neck repeatedly.


SSG-VC-209 Lets see you turn red.

photoset SSG-VC-209 Lets See You Turn Red