SSG-VC-274 Aubreys Scissor School

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-274 Aubreys Scissor School

SSG-VC-274 Aubreys Scissor School    Dressed to impress in her little plaid skirt, top and thong, Aubrey is ready to show what her scissors are all about. She holds nothing back in this clip as her tanned thighs grip chadam’s head in some intense and dreaded scissors. she even mounts his shoulder in reverse and locks on a revere figure four, squashing his face and head between her muscular thighs.

Aubrey has powerful thighs, and can inflict relentless, non stop agonizing pain. It shows on chadams face each time she locks a scissor on tight, not holding back at all on him. Aubrey loves to hurt, tease, and humiliate him every second she can. No matter what he tries there is no escaping her scissors, he has to tap first or risk being put out. Each time he has to face Aubrey and her scissors, it brings fear across his face, and nothing but smiles from Aubrey’s.

She certainly shows what scissors she knows, and does them all with such grace and beauty. Aubrey even locks on her signature reverse figure four smother scissor leaving chadam to panic from it. Aubrey tosses in some good reverse facesitting just for added degradation and to wind him even more. At the end she asks him who won, and since he hesitated, she jumped on his chest finally making him say it. She stays on his chest flexing and showing off her female superiority.