SSG-VC-107 Hailey’s Outdoor Scissors



SSG-VC-107 Hailey’s Outdoor Scissors   Chadam and Hailey meet outside on the mats for this epic clip. Now chadam was not going lightly on Hailey and vice versa, and this was quite an interesting scissor match. This match they actually both score good headscissors, and Chadam has Hailey trapped a few times with some good reverse figure fours, leaving Hailey to either tap, or find a way out. Little to Chadam’s knowledge all this did was make Hailey more upset and determined to beat him. Hailey starts to make quite a comeback and uses her famous reverse figure four smothering scissor to easily squeeze and air deprive Chadam. Hailey’s thighs are strong, and eventually she wears chadam down. By the end of the clip, Hailey has her figure four smother scissors locked on tight, and squeezes her final submission from chadam. This was a proud moment for Hailey.



SSG-VC-107 Hailey’s Outdoor Scissors.

SSG-VC-107 Hailey's Outdoor Scissors