SSG-VC-124- Thighs Of Steel


SSG-VC-124- Thighs Of Steel Jennifer is a beautiful female wrestler, but under those looks lies some serious power and strength. Chadam takes that for granted here as he gets trapped scissor after scissor in her muscular thighs. With squeeze after python squeeze, Jennifer dishes out some intense almost lights out headscissors. There was no escape once she locked those beasts on. We have not seen chadam’s face go multiple colors like in this clip. Jennifer was enjoying inflicting pain using seated, straight leg, knotted and reverse scissors easily making him go near limp, and made it look just too easy. It looked as though she exerted little to no effort to make him tap. Chadam basically did what he could just to stay awake. Jennifer is a gem, beautiful and dangerous wrapped up in one exquisite perfect package.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-124- Thighs Of Steel


SSG-VC-124 Jennifer the Neck Destroyer.