SSG-VC-011- Skinny Get’s Throttled and Destroyed

joinnow SSG-VC-011- Skinny Get's Throttled and Destroyed
SSG-VC-011- Skinny Get’s Throttled and Destroyed  Bella takes on the tall and skinny wimp boy Chris. He may tower over her in stature, but once she is on the mats, she easily brings him down to her playground. With Chris on the mats Bella is easily able to maneuver around him, quickly and with precise movements that have him in awe, wondering how she was able to capture him that easy. With scissors and rear naked chokes, Chris is a gluten for punishment, and Bella treats him to some of her favorite holds. You can see the veins popping out of his forehead each time she applies a scissor or RNC. Chris can’t take a whole lot of pain, and this clip is proof. Bella is just too strong for him, as she has his way with him, and puts him in his place. For good.