SSG-VC-183 Ravens Headscissor Compilation 1

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-183 Ravens Headscissor Compilation 1


1x1-pixel SSG-VC-183 Ravens Headscissor Compilation 1

SSG-VC-183 Ravens Head scissor Compilation 1  Here we have our first ever head scissor compilation match featuring Raven Wild. We have carefully selected a few scenes from miscellaneous matches and cut out her head scissor parts. Raven is always a joy to watch on film as she brings out her sexuality even when inflicting pain on her opponents. Her thrill is to dominate and over power each individual no matter the stakes. Her thighs are immensely powerful, thick and built. she gets sheer joy in this clip by wrapping them around Bella’s head in multiple ways slowly squeezing the life from her. The first part Raven is dressed in her pink camouflage shorts and sports bra, hammering on some intense reverse straight leg, and figure four head scissors. The harder she squeezed Bella’s head between her thighs, the more it turned her on, as she gestures to the camera that she is getting turned on. Sweat fills her back, as the room fills with sexual squeezing tension. Bella’s face got shoved deeper and deeper into Raven’s ass the tighter she locked the scissor on. Bella was in a great deal of pain, surprising enough she didn’t go out. There were many nice close up shots of Bella’s face getting buried and uncontrollably squeezed into submission. No matter how much Bella kicked her legs and flailed in pain, Raven was going to have it her way. The second part of this clip showcases Raven in a very hot schoolgirl outfit showing off even more of her thick thighs. She hammers on seated scissors trash talking Bella, then rolls to her side. Bella’s face was turning all shades of different colors from white to dark red as Raven clamped down her scissors. She switches to a reverse straight leg, showing off her perfectly sculpted legs and ass that had Bella’s head locked between. Again Bella’s face disappears into Ravens smoking hot ass with each and every squeeze. Raven looks back as she tightens the squeeze watching her victim suffer, all the while Raven getting sexually aroused from it. Raven switches into a forward scissor going from straight to figure four, pulling Bella’s face into her crotch now getting to look into her face to watch her suffer in dire pain. She rolls back on top using a straight leg seated scissor then going back into a reverse straight leg again. the third part Raven is in shiny blue underwear and already has Bella locked in a seated straight leg. Raven dishes out some wicked squeezes folding Bella’s face into a wrinkled mess. Bella is certainly not strong enough to pry Raven’s vice like thighs apart to escape, and is left to endure the pain and suffering, just how Raven likes it. Raven then uses her most powerful scissor the reverse straight leg. Bella is clearly in a ton of pain as the shades of color rippled through her face, veins protruding from her forehead from the pressure. Switching back and fourth from those two scissors we thought Raven was done. She gets behind Bella sits her up, then applies a dragon sleeper hold cranking Bella into a very uncomfortable position. There was no escape as Raven had her tied up in this hold tight, and it was not long before Bella went out from the hold. Raven prides herself on her sweet victory.


SSG-VC-183 Ravens Scissor Compilation 1.

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  1. mickey1991 says:

    Amazing, love how she dominates and looks in the camera.