CPL-USA-1 Independence Day Domination KO

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1x1-pixel CPL-USA-1 Independence Day Domination KO


CPL-USA-1 Independence Day Domination KO  Here is a special tribute video to all of our American friends and customers. We call it Independence Day KO featuring Arianne and Eve dressed in their full celebratory patriotic USA outfits. Both girls battle it out on the mats in the name of Independence to see who is the best. They have a brief struggle in at the start and Arianne over takes Eve and gets her down. Wasting no time Arianne shoots straight up into a facesit. with no hesitation Arianne comes out with the trash talk saying ” there you stupid bitch, how’s the fucking pussy, how does it taste”. She goes up and right back down each time Eve taps. Arianne continues with the trash talk and taunting as she moves into a full weight facesit. Pounding down on Eve’s face Arianne pushes all of her weight down, crushing Eve’s face under her. Then she quickly uses a rolling forward scissor catching Eve extremely tight. Watching her face cringe with pain, Arianne enjoys each squeeze listening to Eve moan in pain, as she verbally trashes her. Arianne and Eve move around on the mats in different scissor positions, but then Arianne really starts to dish out the scissor punishment. Eve was being stubborn not wanting to tap, so Arianne amps up the power. She became a little too cocky and Eve was just getting upset being trapped in the headscissor. Eve escaped and manages to pin Arianne down in reverse. She drops her ass onto her face and says ” now lets see how you like the booty”. Eve gets a few taps before switching to a reverse straight leg scissor. Now Arianne has a high tolerance for pain, and Eve says “oh you want to play tough” as she squeezes hard. Arianne retorts back saying ” I’m not playing tough, learn to scissor bitch”. Well that pushed Eve to clamp down harder and intensify the squeeze finally getting the much wanted moans and cries out of Arianne. Her moment of glory dominating Arianne did not last long, as Arianne fought hard to escape, with the end result of their struggle getting Eve into a knotted reverse headscissor. Applying pressure and watching Eve struggle, Arianne patiently waits for Eve to tap each tie she can no longer handle the pressure. From there Arianne dishes out a few more neck crushing scissors including her most powerful one, the reverse straight leg. Eve was on the verge of going out before Arianne decided to sit on her face in reverse now. Arianne bounces, twerks, and grinds her ass all over Eve’s face now. She even shakes her ass yelling U.S.A!!! U.S.A!!. She continues smothering Eve then tells Eve “you better say USA now” and facesits her until she says it. Eve was being massively humiliated by Arianne, and also being verbally trashed on top of that. Arianne flips into forward pinning Eve’s arms above her head. She then grinds on her face saying “USA pussy, taste some USA pussy now bitch” slamming back down onto her face. Eve fights hard to get out, and manages to turn onto her stomach. Arianne quickly puts on a rear naked choke, and has Eve seeing stars at this point. Then Arianne slams her down taking position on her face. Arianne asks Eve “do you give up now?”. All Eve did was flip off Arianne, then Arianne says “you think your so tough bitch, you better give up now before I knock your ass out”. Eve still being stubborn, Arianne gives her a choice she said” either you give up now or I knock your ass out”. Eve stayed silent not wanting to give up so Arianne finishes her off with a perfect facesit KO. Arianne cracks a perfect smile and pose saying USA, flexing her bicep over her well beaten opponent.


CPL-USA-1 Independence Day Domination KO.