SSG-VC-313 Family Affair

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SSG-VC-313 Family Affair

When Arianne and her sister Aubrey get together on  the mats you know there is always going to be a good show. Arianne does not like to be shown up being the more experienced, but Aubrey is powerful and hard to compete against. they trade words, insults and of course head scissors. they also use an  array of other choke holds, side control head locks, and rear naked chokes. Arianne puts up a good fight, but was it enough to defeat her younger sister? Or did Aubrey chalk up another win under her belt? Get this clip and see.


One Comment
  1. herb316 says:

    These two sisters always have sexy fights, I just wish so much that they had
    A topless fight or a strip fight where they expose eachothers breasts
    And nipples whilst fighting, that would be off the charts sexy