SSG-VC-206 Tell Me You Love It

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-206 Tell Me You Love It



SSG-VC-206 Tell Me You Love It  Arianne finally gets the upper hand against her tough nemesis Eve. This is where Arianne excels over her, with scissors. Arianne literally just toys with Eve throughout the match, squeezing her over and over using multiple scissors. Not only is Eve suffering physically but mentally as well from Arianne verbal bashing trash talk. Arianne takes great delight in punishing Eve between her thighs, looking down at her face sometimes watching her suffer. Using her reverse straight leg scissor, Eve gets maximum pressure as she is trapped high and tight in Arianne’s thighs, her face literally buried in her ass each time she applies a squeeze.  That literally makes Eve tap almost instantly nearly going out a few times. It was hard for Eve to catch her breath between scissors and try to regain her composure before she found herself locked in yet another grueling scissor. Arianne was not going to release Eve from her forward straight leg until Eve admitted that she enjoyed it, and finally with no choice or end in sight she concedes the match. She knew Arianne’s scissors would be too much to handle.


SSG-VC-206 Tell Me You Love It.