SSG-VC-101- Underwater Headscissor Submission


SSG-VC-101- Underwater Headscissor Submission  Arianne and Bella return to the pool to finish off what they started. Arianne wanted to scissor Bella into serious submission by holding her under the water while scissoring her. This time Arianne uses the reverse headscissor, and even manages to lock on a good figure four all the while making Bella suffer. We all wondered just how much Bella could really take as she was kept under the  water for quite some time. When Bella taps, Arianne lifts Bella out of the water then shoves her right back under again. Barely able to catch a breath sometimes, Bella did her best to keep her calm and wits about her as Arianne punishes her. For her finisher, Arianne repeatedly dunked Bella over and over, Bella nearly going out from sheer exhaustion.