SSG-VC-133 Janira’s Scissor Prisoner


SSG-VC-133 Janira’s Scissor Prisoner    Bella traveled to shoot with Janira, not quite sure what she was getting herself into. Once she took one look at Janira, she was quite sure that Janira was not going to be able to do much to her. But once their match started, Bella soon realized that Janira was much stronger and more powerful than she looked. Taking Bella to the mats, Janira easily pins her, then extends her legs out and pulls Bella’s head high between her thighs. Now applying her first squeeze, Bella literally moaned out in pain, feeling the muscular crush of Janira’s well toned legs around her neck now. With each squeeze, Janira wiggled around on Bella’s chest while tightening the grip, loving it already. Janira falls to her side, and Bella was trapped ever so tightly that her veins were beginning to bulge out of her forehead. Janira release Bella, stands up and signals Bella to get to her feet. Instead, Janira grabs Bella by the hair, and gets her in a standing scissor. She was not messing around and wanted every second to count to punish Bella. Bella’s moans and screams became louder the more Janira applied pressure. Janira drops down to the mats, Bella’s head still trapped in her thighs, and gets behind her now. Snaking her legs around Bells’ neck again, Janira really goes to town punishing Bella now. We have never seen Bella’s face turn this red, and purple before. We have also never heard her in this much dire pain in a scissorhold. Janira literally just toys taunts and teases Bella while she squeezes over and over. She then amps up the humiliation by scissoring and using hand over mouth on Bella, really making Bella freak out and panic. Janira flips Bella onto her back, gets ontop of her again and rolls to her side using another straight leg scissor. She also combines this with hand over mouth seeing how much it made Bella cringe in fear. Janira loosened and tighten, and with that Bella actually went out. Janira stands up and says “what you want to take a nap in the middle of wrestling me” as she climbs ontop in a reverse straight leg now. Each time Janira squeezes, it buries Bella’s face in her ass nearly smothering her. The more Janira squeezed, and flexed causing pain to Bella the weaker she was becoming. The fear of her going out again we are sure crossed her mind. Knowing that Janira packs serious strength in those well toned legs, Bella may not want to be trapped in them again. Janira was not finished having fun yet, she put Bella into some unbearable looking knotted head scissors that even had us cringing while filming it. Janira’s reverse figure four had Bella on edge of going out as it squeezed and smothered her into literal submission. Janira goes for another standing scissor, then dishes out more reverse straight leg and figure fours. Janira ends up putting Bella out for the second time in a reverse straight leg scissor. Janira lets go of Bella, sits behind her and gets ready to put another straight leg scissor on when Bella comes to. This time Janira barely waited for Bella to respond and was quite confused. Panic really set in on Bella’s face now, Janira then cranks on the pressure on her scissors once again. With more scissoring and hand over mouth Bella was just wanting this clip to be finished so she can get away from Janira. But Bella got put into a jaw cracking neck snapping knotted scissor that looked so intense we wanted to stop it just from the pain on Bella’s face alone.   Janira continues the onslaught of various scissors then goes to her finisher scissor hold. She plants Bella’s head deep within her thighs in a reverse scissor and squeezes, hard. You can see the sheer muscle definition rippling down the thigh of Janira as she applies this intense scissor. Well we didn’t have to stop, JAnira put Bella out of her own misery as she stops moving. The scary part was after Janira let her head go, Bella actually jolted her whole body, we thought she was going to have a seizure. Janira just laughed it all off mocking Bella saying “really got you there huh” and laughs, strokes Bella’s hair then gets up and leaves.

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SSG-VC-133 Bellas Thigh Crushing Demise.