SSG-VC-196 Socks and Headscissors Match




1x1-pixel SSG-VC-196 Socks and Headscissors Match

SSG-VC-196 Socks and Headscissors Match  Watch as Arianne and Cynara clash for an all out scissor battle. Even though their much different in size, Arianne certainly gives her amazon rival a run for her money. This match goes back and fourth with Cynara trapping Arianne in her thick muscular thighs gaining taps. While Arianne musters up the strength and technique to over take Cynara and get many head scissors on herself making the amazon tap out as well. From straight leg, to seated, to reverse and so on, this match was quite a good one especially comparing size difference in the girls. All in all this is a good scissor match for the books and one to remember.


SSG-VC-196 Socks and Scissors Match.