SSG-VC-144 Outdoor Schoolgirl Bully


SSG-VC-144 Outdoor Schoolgirl Bully  This video contains all the scissor excerpts from a previously released clip. Hailey dishes out some serious scissors in this clip to wear out and breakdown her larger opponent Sam. Hailey is dressed in a cute little schoolgirl uniform and is shot outdoors as well. Hailey certainly knows quite a few scissors and when she applies them her victims truly suffer. She uses straight leg, figure fours, and forward straight leg ones throughout this clip. Hailey can also hold each scissor for quite some time, showing no signs of tiring from them. On the other hand, Sam is being punished in them, draining her energy and her ability to fight and get out. Hailey is a super star scissor girl, and anyone caught between her thighs fall to succumbing to a lot of pain and agony in them. By the time Hailey was finished with Sam she will think twice about pairing herself up to go against Hailey for quite some time.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-144 Outdoor Schoolgirl Bully


SSG-VC-144 Outdoor Schoolgirl Bully.