SSG-VC-119 Scissored In Bikinis


SSG-VC-119 Scissored In Bikinis  Bella and Paige set the atmosphere here with both showcasing their scissor abilities, dressed in bikinis. Paige has quads of steel that can be absolutely terrifying to be trapped in. Bella’s legs are certainly not one to shy away from, her headscissors are near lethal. As they trade scissors back and fourth, one girl manages to get the upper hand more times than the other, making it visible that one is just too dominating for the other. Paige uses countless scissors to break her stubborn adversary down, including trach choke scissors that have Bella in extreme pain. She could not pry apart Paige’s thighs to get out, instead she was tapping more times than she could count. Bella counters with forward straight leg scissors of her own, paying Paige back for the onslaught of scissors she received herself. But we are not sure that was enough to slow Paige down. Paige traps Bella in a reverse straight leg scissor, and even looks back biting her bottom lip enjoying inflicting pain on Bella as her face turns almost purple before tapping out. Bella was feeling more than dazed as Paige keeps switching from scissor to scissor, falling quite short of a much needed victory over her, as she concedes the match.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-119 Scissored In Bikinis


SSG-VC-119 Scissored In Bikinis.