SSG-VC-123 The Sexy Squeezers


SSG-VC-123 The Sexy Squeezers  Here you get to witness the power of a beautiful amazon, Gia. She is taking on a much smaller opponent Arianne, and finds out that she is rather strong herself. They are wearing knee high boots, and tall socks and the scissors fly back and fourth. Once Gia locks those massive thighs around Arianne’s head, it is pretty much over for her. You can barely see Arianne trapped between them. Arianne has her opportunity to counter with her very own scissors to pay Gia back. With the combination of reverse figure fours, straight leg, side and so many more scissors, only one person comes out victorious. Will it be Arianne defeating her amazonian opponent? Or will Gia finish of Arianne in her melee of scissors?

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-123 The Sexy Squeezers


SSG-VC-123 The Sexy Squeezers.