SSG-VC-134 Harleys Hardcore Scissors

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-134 Harleys Hardcore Scissors

SSG-VC-134 Harleys Hardcore Scissors  Watch Harley in her very first scissor video. She has the perfect thighs and thick muscular legs meant for squeezing her opponents. Chadam certainly gets a taste and dose of their power when she uses a multitude of scissors on him. He experienced seeing stars on may occasions throughout this clip. She was dressed in her pink bootie shorts that accented her shapely ass as she squeezes over and over. Using straight leg reverse, and fig four smothering scissors chadam was put to the test. Harley does not stop there, she also uses a reverse superman looking scissor on him, that looked absolutely painful. We are shocked he did not just fall over from the pressure alone. she also combined some of her scissors with hand over mouth, this is Harley’s favorite tactic used to break her opponents down. She stares down into his eyes while squeezing and depriving him of air as well. Harley is a pretty strong athletic girl, and is someone that will do quite well here. Watch for more of this girl soon!!


SSG-VC-134 Harleys Hardcore Scissors.

One Comment
  1. Nate says:

    Harley has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in that sexy pink Bra with Matching Pink Bootie Shorts &bi absolutely her Straight Leg Scissors,Reverse Headscissors,& Figure Four Scissors & her hand over mouth on Chadam!

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