SSG-VC-114 Quads Of Terror


SSG-VC-114 Quads Of Terror  Paige is a tanned, built and powerful woman. Her quads and calves are lean, cut and extremely strong. Once she has her victims between her thighs, it’s usually game over for them. Chadam faces her quad terror in this match, and this clip is aptly named just that. Paige secures scissor after scissor on him, applying mind blowing pressure as his face turns all shades of colors. Sometimes she would apply pressure slowly, others she would give it a 110% burst and instantly gain a tap. Paige is a serious force on the mats, and her quads, well you may just want to avoid them at all costs. Unfortunately for chadam he didn’t.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-114 Quads Of Terror


SSG-VC-114 Quads Of Terror.