SSG-VC-079- Bella’s Combat Crushing

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SSG-VC-079- Bella’s Combat Crushing  the little mean squeeze machine steps onto the mats dressed in her military style spandex, and boots ready to kick ass. Bella has been trained by Kristie Etzold on the infamous reverse figure four, and she loves to use it now. Bella may be small, but she has alot of power, and her legs are unbelievably powerful. Bella has quite the sadistic streak to her, and punishment is usually in order for her victims. Chadam is certainly no exception, in fact she goes even harder on him. You can tell that with each scissor Bella applies, she has that slight evil grin on her face as her victims turn beat red, and look helpless. With each daunting squeeze she uses, Chadam lets out yelps of pain, all to which Bella just merely laughs at. Chadam doesn’t get away from not having to suffer in reverse figure four, in fact she tightens in up so much she smothers him with it as well. All in all, Bella’s performance does not come up short at all. In fact, if you like to watch a male victim be totally dominated, humiliated, and controlled by a smaller female, then this clip will not disappoint.


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