SSG-VC-067 Cowgirl Crushing

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SSG-VC-067 Cowgirl Crushing – Looks like chadam has bit off more than he can chew in this clip. Rosalei dressed in her cowboy boots, and cut off jeans shorts she is looking pretty smoking hot. One should know better that when it comes to scissors Rosalei is top notch. Not only is she skilled, she is sexy and powerful, making her a force to be reckoned with. Chadam like sot mouth off a bit too much, which gets him in serious trouble, and Rosalei was about to put him in his place. She locks on some seriously tight headscissors, squeezing slowly, crushing his neck and making him tap out. Not only is he punished with scissors, she locks on a mind blowing rear naked choke, one that has him on the verge of going out. That took him a bit of time to actually recover from. Her reverse straight leg scissor is lethal, getting his chin locked into her butt cheeks, applying maximum pressure. Chadam may think twice about messing with this tough cowgirl again.