SSG-VC-237 Punished By Hailey

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-237 Punished By Hailey



SSG-VC-237 Punished By Hailey  We pulled this clip out of the archives as we have not seen Hailey in any videos for quite some time. She was always a pleasure to watch, as her performance was second to none. In this brief but amazing clip, she dominates chadam using her most powerful asset, her legs. She could apply some of the best neck crushing scissors and in this clip she does just that. Her smothering figure four head scissors leave chadam breathless, and gasping for air. Her punishment also included some wicked face sitting as she presses down hard sealing off his escape for any air. Chadam tries but fails to get her in a body scissor, and she literally just cleans the mats with him. Hailey enjoys her dominant position on top, be it using head scissors, or face sitting to destroy her victims.


SSG-VC-237 Punished By Hailey.

One Comment
  1. Nate says:

    I absolutely love Hailey’s Figure Four Headscissors & her Front & Reverse Facesit on Chadam!

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