SSG-VC-110 The Amazon Squeeze


1x1-pixel SSG-VC-110 The Amazon Squeeze

Here we get to witness first hand the power of what an amazon woman can do. Gia has superbly fit thick muscular thighs, that are perfect for squeezing her victims into dreamland. Her beautiful smile is only a cover for her devious actions on the mats. She is ruthless, and inflicts sheer pain like no other. When she locks chadam’s head between her thighs and begins to squeeze, you can already see his face turning a darker shade of red. Gia even makes chadam lay down on the mats and uses just her ankles and calves to create pressure and make him wince in pain. Watch her giggle and laugh as Chadam struggles to stay awake. Her scissors are a force to be reckoned with, and for her finale, she uses the rear naked choke hold. Once she clamps her beefy biceps deep around his throat and squeezes, chadam’s face has a look of terror on it. He tapped numerous times for fear of going out in this clip. Gia is a powerful woman, who can certainly school even the most seasoned of people on the mats.

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SSG-VC-110 The Amazon Squeeze.