SSG-VC-097 Golden Squeeze Goddess


SSG-VC-097 Golden Squeeze Goddess  Bella might be small in stature, but this girl packs some serious power in her legs. She knows just how to clamp on a headscissor extra tight and watch her victims squirm in pain as she squeezes them into submission. Chadam has quite the hard time today taking any of her scissors, and with each squeeze has him tapping out faster and faster. His face, beat red, his cries, pathetic.  Bella’s forward and reverse scissors are excruciatingly painful, as his head is locked in as tight as possible. She loves the opportunity to stare down into her victims eyes as she squeezes and watch them break down. Getting caught in Bella’s scissors is not a place that you want to be, unless of course you want to be put straight out into dreamland.


SSG-VC-097 Golden Squeeze Goddess.

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  1. maggotdrowner59 says:

    Her reverse fig 4 into her butt is amazing.