SSG-VC-165 Bikini Beating

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-165 Bikini Beating

SSG-VC-165 Bikini Beating  Cynara is evil, unforgiving and very strong. She uses many unorthodox moves in this clip to wear down and humiliate chadam.  Her thick powerful amazonian thighs make her way around his neck multiple times in many different ways. Once she locks her ankles together and applies a bit of pressure, he winces in pain feeling his head getting crushed.  Cynara uses standing headscissors that has chadam on his hands and knees unable to fight his way out. She also uses some vicious chin locks trying to snap his neck. Cynara is known for inflicting pain, and dominating especially in mixed where she shows chadam no remorse. There is no way that he is going to escape her grasp, the power of her thighs, or any hold she decided to use. The only relief that chadam felt was when this clip was completely finished and he could go recover from it.


SSG-VC-165 Bikini Beating.

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